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Arsneftetrans is One of the world leading storage companies through years of experience, Arsneftetrans has become a well-known and appreciated partner for professional storage and tailor-made services to meet our clients’ wishes and requirements. Our successful handling of petroleum products, chemicals, and gases has made Arsneftetrans the preferred storage provider for a wide range of companies.


Most oil fields are far from the place of processing and marketing of crude oil, so fast and cost-effective delivery and is vital to the prosperity of the industry. Delivery prepared for distant transportation of oil from the oil fields to other points of processing and consumption. Implemented by pipeline, rail, sea, river and road transport modes.


Our controlled international-expansion strategy includes the development of an individual-terminal network–through acquisitions and joint ventures with local private companies, consortiums and government entities. The Arsneftetrans name has become synonymous with trusted performance in the handling of bulk liquids – whether in the oil-derivatives or chemicals markets – and we want to maintain and expand that reputation.