Joint ventures

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Our controlled international-expansion strategy includes the development of an individual-terminal network–through acquisitions and joint ventures with local private companies, consortiums and government entities.

Joint ventures to expand visions

Although we have the ability to expand into any new business territory, Arsneftetrans llc does not. Instead, we believe in focusing on our core activities and developing partnerships to make us stronger in other areas.

We’ve already established several many excellent partnerships worldwide. Our role in each one varies, depending on the strengths of the partner involved – from expertise to supplying capital to providing human resources.

We see partnerships as a means to build our capabilities while remaining focused on our core business. And, while we expand, we’re always careful to grow within the boundaries of our human and financial abilities.

The Arsneftetrans name has become synonymous with trusted performance in the handling of bulk liquids – whether in the oil-derivatives or chemicals markets – and we want to maintain and expand that reputation.

Focus on core activities; outsource the rest Industry is always limited in its access to capital. Capital should, therefore, be targeted to the core aspects of each business, rather than being deployed on non-core activities. Outsourcing your storage to Arsneftetrans, of course, frees up capital for your core activities, where an increased focus will, in turn, create more capital for future investment.

Let us do what we do best, allowing you to focus your people, time, and money on what you do best. We have many successful examples of outsourced projects – from our independent bulk-liquids business to cross-country pipelines to green-field site developments supporting chemical production plants. And, because of our focused support, you always will feel in control when you outsource to us.