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The oil port of Primorsk

The port of Primorsk (Maritime Commercial Port of Primorsk) – Russia’s largest oil port on the Baltic Sea. In the port area there are 18 storage tanks, with capacity of 50,000 tons, tanks for storage of light oil products and a few tanks of emergency relief. The total capacity of storage tanks for oil is 921 thousand. Tonnes, for the storage of light oil to 240 thousand. Tonnes.

OJSC “Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port”

Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP) – one of the largest transport hubs in southern Russia.

Total port area (including neftegavan Sheskharis) is 87.4 hectares;

The total area of open storage depots of petroleum products – 18.88ha;

Closed storage area – 6.22ha;

The total length of berths – 844m;

The total length of sidings – 22409m.

Commercial Port of Vladivostok. The oil terminal.

It has a specialized oil terminal (Pier 11). Capacity of tanks – 26 000 3 Light oil – 14 800 m 3 Dark oil products – 11 200 m 3 Length of berths – 87 m depth at the berths – 8 m. Productivity drain -. 200 t/hr.

Oil port Rottardam

Port of Rotterdam – one of the largest in the world and the largest in Europe. Oil accounts for about 70% of the turnover of the port and the main speed article. So here are 5 neftegavaney with 68 berths, of which 14 are able to receive tankers with a capacity of up to 280 thousand tons.

Houston Oil port

The reservoir is located in the port of Houston is an ideal base for customers from around the world. storage tank terminal operates three different distillation units multi-purpose. The total storage capacity is more than 1 500 000 tonnes.